January 4 Before Epiphany

First Reading
1 Jn 3:7-10

Those who are begotten by God commit no sin.

A reading from the first Letter of Saint John

Children, let no one deceive you.
The person who acts in righteousness is righteous,
   just as he is righteous.
Whoever sins belongs to the Devil
   because the Devil has sinned from the beginning.
Indeed, the Son of God was revealed to destroy the works of the devil.
No one who is begotten by God commits sin,
   because God’s seed remains in him;
   he cannot sin because he is begotten by God.
In this way,
   the children of God and the children of the devil are made plain;
   no one who fails to act in righteousness belongs to God,
   nor anyone who does not love his brother.

Responsorial Psalm
Ps 98:1, 7-8, 9

R. :

R. (3cd) All the ends of the earh have seen the saving power of God.

Sing to the LORD a new song,
   for he has done wondrous deeds;
His right hand has won victory for him,
   his holy arm.

R. All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Let the sea and what fills it resound,
   the world and those who dwell in it;
Let the rivers clap their hands,
   the mountains shout with them for joy before the LORD.

R. All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

The LORD comes;
   he comes to rule the earth;
He will rule the world with justice
   and the peoples with equity.

R. All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Gospel Acclamation
Heb 1:1-2

R. Alleluia, alleluia.

In the past God spoke to our ancestors through the prophets;
in these days, he has spoken to us through the Son.

R. Alleluia, alleluia.

Jn 1:35

We have found the Messiah.

A reading from the holy Gospel according to John

John was standing with two of his disciples,
   and as he watched Jesus walk by, he said,
   “Behold, the Lamb of God.”*
The two disciples heard what he said and followed Jesus.
Jesus turned and saw them following him and said to them,
   “What are you looking for?”
They said to him, “Rabbi” (which translated means Teacher),
   “where are you staying?”
He said to them, “Come, and you will see.”
So they went and saw where he was staying,
   and they stayed with him that day.
It was about four in the afternoon.
Andrew, the brother of Simon Peter,
   was one of the two who heard John and followed Jesus.
He first found his own brother Simon and told him,
   “We have found the Messiah” which is translated Christ.
Then he brought him to Jesus.
Jesus looked at him and said,
   “You are Simon the son of John;
   you will be called Cephas” which is translated Peter.

At the end of the Gospel, the Deacon, or the Priest, acclaims:

The Gospel of the Lord.

All reply:

Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ.

Then he kisses the book, saying quietly:

Through the words of the Gospel
may our sins be wiped away.

Homilies / Gospel Reflections


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