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The WORD in Other Words By Fr Jose Suson SVD (Philippines)

Thursday 4th Week of Lent

Rappler, November 26, 2018, headline: “Stop convicts from testifying against me in drug case!” An appeal of the former justice official who became the nation’s famous and controversial woman senator, now languishing in the national penitentiary, hoping and praying to be given a day in court. Why were the testimonies of 13 criminals used against her who sent them to prison?

In today’s Gospel, Jesus engages his Jewish audience on the issue of witnessing – the human testimony of John the Baptist; the works of Jesus testifying the divine origin of all that He performed, which had inspired the crowds but which  the leaders failed to perceive; and the testimony of the Father although this had not been seen directly by some of the Jews.

A prayerful reading of the scriptures will indicate that they provide testimony to Jesus. Although he clearly came in the name of his Father, he was not accepted or believed in. The Lord did not accuse the unbelieving Jews before his Father. But Moses, in whom they claimed to believe, became their accuser.

How much of all this concerns us? Where do we ultimately put our faith in? In the Christ of the New Testament or in a Jesus we have tailored to our own wants? How familiar are we with the Word of God in both the New and the OldTestaments? Where do we clearly see the Risen Jesus bringing God into our lives daily?

Self-seeking doesn’t work. But, selfless love does. By living a life that seeks only God’s glory in word and in deed helps us maintain a proper hierarchy of values that gives us a taste of the Kingdom of God.

– Jose R. Suson, SVD (USC, Cebu City)

Source – The WORD in Other Words, Bible Diary 2020

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