Jesus Reveals Himself by Proclamining the Truth

The WORD in Other Words by Brother Miloy Bulihan SVD (Philippines) for Friday 4th Week of Lent

One day, I went with my friends to Tutuban Mall in Manila. The place is famous for inexpensive but good quality clothing and other fashion items. Though most of the items sold there are just imitations of famous brands, people still go to the place because it offers a variety of choices. While I was looking for some jeans, I noticed a beautiful lady who looked very familiar to me. I was thinking deeply who she was, until I realized it was miss Gloria Diaz, the famous actress and former Miss Universe. No one else recognized her because she was just wearing a simple dress; her face, half-hidden by her scarf.  Then, I whispered to my friend, “Look, Gloria Diaz is here.” The sales lady next to me heard me and she began to shout, “Gloria Diaz! Look it’s Gloria Diaz!” and all the sales ladies and the costumers around started to mob the actress.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus wanted to hide himself from the crowd. Though people had heard about Jesus, many had not met him personally. Thus, they were not able to recognize him right away until Jesus personally revealed himself to them. The crowd tried to mob Jesus, but he was able to escape for the time had not yet come.

In our lives, there are instances when we want to be “unknown” in the crowd. To be “unknown” could mean keeping a low profile, avoiding public attention. To be “unknown” could also mean to be silent amid oppressions and lies. Jesus broke his silence and proclaimed the truth, in spite of the consequences of his words that led to his calvary. As Christians, we are called to do the same. 

– Br. Miloy R. Bulilan, SVD (HNU, Tagbilaran City)

Source – The WORD in Other Words, Bible Diary 2020

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